Dreams and Reality

Thursday, March 09, 2006

1st blogger blog over here..

Why suddenly start a blog here? Well, some thoughts running in my mind.. so maybe i can try type it out.

Why do I put this name as "Dreams and Reality"? Simple, I'm a person who tends to live in dreams. In a world of reality, I must learn how to differentiate the truth and the imaginations. One step I'm taking for my 21 yrs of age.. and as a working adult..

First blog, so first post..

The story of the race of the rabbit and the turtle..

I guess everyone knows this story? Refresh the story a bit maybe?

The rabbit challenged the turtle to a race to see who was the fastest.

When the race started, the rabbit sprint off and left the turtle far behind.

Believing that he is winning, he decided to take a nap, assumming that the turtle would still be far behind after he walk up.

On the other hand, the turtle did not give up, continued to stroll his way to the finish line.

When the rabbit finally woke up, the turtle had finished the race in first position.

What does the story tell us? Don't be over-confident.

I have another implication from the story..

You might be losing in the beginning.. but that doesn't mean you will be forever. Persist, you will get to the finish line..

I did once believe that there are things that are forever.. but what I have seen, sometimes, not everything is always forever.. it does not mean you are losing now means you are losing forever..

well.. that's how I'm thinking right now, ya..